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Wealth Management

We provide customized comprehensive service with asset management to our clients and partners.

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Business Owners

FIOH approaches retirement benefit plans from a growth and planning perspective that is unique to each business.


Being an entrepreneur is probably one of the most exciting and yet difficult careers to have.
Smart entrepreneurs think beyond the short term bottom line. They think about how to attract the most talented employees and about long term growth.

Offering benefit plans to employees is a powerful long-term growth strategy that successful businesses carefully plan out with professional help.

There are many benefit plans to choose from, and there is no one size fits all for all companies. There are numerous benefit programs with various tax implications, costs differentiations, and fiduciary responsibilities. Navigating in this area can be complicated and intimidating without proper support.

FIOH excells in empowering business owners to confidently find the best fit and be in compliance with the latest requirements.

Comprehensive Service with Asset Management

  • We show you step by step how to set up a plan

    • We provide unlimited support around plan design and fiduciary advice


  • Education about investment strategies

    • We educate about defined contribution, benefit planning, tax savings, costs, and benefits of each type of retirement plan


  • Combined investment management and financial life planning

    • We help you define your employees’ investment objectives and identify what is available for them to invest in


  • Customized investment strategies

    • We partner with business owners to design plans that support their business projections and growth and that meet their employees’ needs


  • Annual meeting to discuss the latest fiduciary requirements

    • We stay on top of constantly changing compliance procedures and news regarding your fiduciary responsibilities so you don’t have to


Individuals Near Retirement

The accumulated assets of those nearing retirement need to be carefully managed, especially as the time to recover from financial setbacks lessens with age. We helps clients take a systematic and disciplined approach to stretching one’s wealth to provide stability during the retirement years.

Retirement looks different for everyone, and the opportunities to create the life you want during retirement are boundless. FIOH empowers near retirees to work towards their dream retirement lifestyle, prepare for increasing medical costs, and to set up estate plans.


Comprehensive Service with Asset Management

  • We provide unlimited income management support so retirees can be assured that their new adventures will not derail their financial security

  • We educate about asset distribution and tax optimization

  • We continuously assess the financial impacts of potential life events

  • We help set up estate plans that take into account unique family dynamics and structures

  • We provide ongoing support by answering all your financial questions

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Working Professionals

Significant life changes such as starting a family or changing careers, and unforseen challenges like health crises or accidents can have a great impact on one’s financial health. FIOH advocates for planning around milestones, saving early and strategically, and sticking to financial goals. The greatest asset for working professionals is time. Saving should start as early as possible no matter what stage of life one may be in. We support our clients by staying on top of the best investment opportunities while balancing risk management, and by evaluating their portfolios periodically. We implement individualized investment strategies so that our clients have the financial security to not only recover from financial setbacks but to experience all that life has to offer.

Comprehensive Service with Asset Management

FIOH is a reliable resource for working professionals. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond periodic portfolio evaluation. FIOH is here to provide ongoing support and answer all your financial questions. We are dedicated to providing the best asset investment management and wealth building strategies to ensure financial security throughout life.

The most common events and milestones we provide support around include:

  • buying a house or property

  • traveling

  • starting a business

  • taking extended time off from work

  • starting a family

  • saving for college

  • retiring

  • paying taxes and insurance

Global Opportunity Is Boundless

Nowadays, even small businesses have global competition. Local investors seek globally diversified choices as well as domestic investment planning, and reputable foreign business securities are available globally.

FIOH systematically applies a global lens to help you grow your business or portfolio. At FIOH, the strategy is global.

Time is the key to financial success

Many people wait until they have accumulated wealth to think about their financial strategies, but the earlier one starts their strategic financial journey the more successful it will be. Time is on the investor's side. If properly managed, investments will grow with time regardless of one's age, life stage, or level of wealth. FIOH helps business owners and people across generations start planning early for growth, expansion, and control over their financial life.

FIOH is trustworthy

We meticulously analyze and think critically about the information we receive and exchange with others. People today have access to more information than they ever did, and can easily run into disinformation or misinformation. We make recommendations based on information that is factual and verifiable, and coach our clients on identifying the information that affects their businesses and portfolios.

Business Owners
Individuals Near Retirement
Working Professonals
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